Thursday, 19 October 2017

Playground Update...

Playground Group
By Maya

At Victoria Avenue School we have a playground group because two of our playgrounds need rebuilding. The playground group is a group built from someone from every class except for year 1s and 0s! 

We have met with 2 professionals. Jenny and Leith. Jenny works for Park Supplies and Leith works for Playground People. 

We as the playground group have decided to go with Leith and Playground People to design new playgrounds for our school.

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Reusable Bag Competition

We ran a Reusable Bag Design Competition in Term 3. 

The prize winners were:

Year 1 - Marina - Room 14
Year 2 - Robbie - Room 8
Year 3 - Crystal - Room 20
Year 4 - Bryan  - Room 16
Year 5 - Putri - Room 6
Year 6 - Gracie - Room 2

The winning designs are currently being transferred onto attractive, good quality, hessian bags. 

Check out pictures of the awesome designs below.

Look out for details in the school newsletter in Term 4 of where and when the bags will be on sale.

Just can save the planet, donate money to the school AND do your Christmas shopping with one simple purchase!

Marina Chen

 Crystal Tan

Robbie Baker

Putri Ardan

Gracie Tomlinson

 Bryan Chu