Thursday, 28 November 2013

Recycling Ideas from Room 9

Reuse Me!
Room 9 are learning about rubbish and today we are writing about how to reuse a plastic bottle.
Reusing a plastic bottle is quite easy, just by drinking all that water and reusing the bottle by filling it with more water. Easy huh! You can reuse a plastic bottle again and again until it’s a bit old. Juice or water, doesn’t matter just fill it up!

Pranks are also really fun. You fill the bottle up, put it on a door and then
someone will open the door and…splash! Down comes the water!

Make something out of it, like a boat; use some boxes, lids and bottles to make a masterpiece! It’s really easy give it a try!

Reusing thinks is helping the planet by not throwing our things away, so remember REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE,  RETHINK!

By Amira

Reuse Me!

We need to reuse plastic bottles instead of throwing them away in the bin. Here are some ideas for reusing a plastic bottle.

Firstly you could do art with it by making a butterfly or a boat.
Secondly you can use a plastic bottle for storing nails by cutting the top off and using the bottom.

Here is another idea.  You can put water in the bottle then you can put the bottle of water in the freezer.  When the water is frozen to ice you use it as an ice pack to cool fish down when they’re in the chilli bin.

It is important to reuse rubbish if you can.

By Hannah

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